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Friday, December 30, 2005

Keep It Simple, Stupid
How do I keep things simple, and still honor my friends at my wedding the way that I want to?
It's frustrating... I am not into the concept of bridesmaids.
I don't want my friends to have to fly to NY, THEN buy a dress that they will only wear once, THEN feel like they need to buy me presents, even though I really don't want them to because by that time, they will have done enough! lol.

I've got my two "Matrons of Honor", and I've got thoughts about what I'd like them to do during the ceremony:
- I don't want them to walk down the aisle (too "bridesmaid"-ey)...
- I don't want them to stand up next to me at the altar, 'cause I want it to be just Matt and I up there...

But how do I honor my other close friends, those who have been there with me through thick and thin, since 6th, 7th, and 9th grades? I said no bridesmaids, and they were fine with it, mostly. Then one asked if she could be part of the wedding. And it got me thinking about how much I want them to be part of the day. How can I say no?! Of course I want her to be a part of the wedding... but what does that mean? If I say yes to her, which I already did, does that mean that I should ask the others to be part of it as well? I feel like I should. All three have already come to me, generously asking me for permission to host showers, parties, and girls' nights... How do I say yes to one because she asked, and not include the others? I can't... that's the long of the short of it. My mother is going to kill me, by the way... So much for simple. But I feel like it can be simple, doesn't have to get out of hand, and can include the people I'd like, right?

So is that it? Have I come to a conclusion? I mean, I feel like it's what I'd been thinking all along, but too afraid to stand up to my mother and say.

(Note: I'm making her out to be a horrible person, but she's totally not. She's just got very definite opinions about how this wedding should run... and we disagree some of them. What she forgets sometimes, is that it's Matt and my wedding... not hers... and we will include the people who mean the world to us, and we will keep it simple, and elegant, and most of all FUN! SO THERE!).


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