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Monday, July 04, 2005

The beach... is THAT WAY!
Wow! What a weekend!
Aimee, Johnny, Matt and I headed out to the beach on Saturday morning bright and early... There wasn't much traffic, and we made it out there in a little over an hour and a half. After chillin' for a little bit, Aimee and I hit the beach, and the boys hit the golf course. It was nice to have some time for Aimee and I to relax on the beach, and for the boys to "bond." ;) Aimee and I were content relaxing in the sun... and barely realized that we were there for a really long time. So long, that the boys came to see where we were. Thankfully, we were just starting our journey back to my aunt's house, so "got to" help us carry our stuff back up the hill! Good times!

After relaxing on the deck for a bit, the grill was lit, and Johnny took his place in front of the fire. He was a great grill-master, and we all had a great time! The bbq was amazing! There is nothing like a pre-dinner hot dog, followed by a nice, hot cheeseburger. I freakin' love the summer. The beer, margaritas, (and water for Aimee) were flowing... and it seemed like the night would never end. Sadly, though, time waits for no man, and we had to take Aimee and Johnny to the train station in Port Jefferson. We could not have timed it better... by the time Matt and I figured out how to get out of the parking lot, Aimee & Johnny's train pulled up to the station. Good times.

The house was deserted when we got back, so we decided to head out to the beach. The family was there shooting off fireworks, so we met up with them for a bit. My parents and aunt took Nicholas and Alessandra back to the house, and Jared, Dana, Matt and I went out to the beach to drink some beers and enjoy the evening. It was a good night... and THAT was just the first day!

The second day was more of the same... from the time I woke up, there was a house full of people. More sitting, eating, chatting, laughing, enjoying the weather. We spent a few hours at the beach with the kids, but went back to the house to spend time with the rest of the company. I love the summer! Dinner lasted for hours! And then we joined the rest of our neighborhood on the beach to watch the fireworks! It was such a clearn night, and we were not only watching fireworks on our beach, but also across the LI Sound in CT (14 miles away!!). It was amazing. I love fireworks!!

The adults left, and again, it was us kids... Jared, Dana, Dante, Margarita, Matt and I enjoyed more drinks and fireworks on the beach. So funny... everyone had to light one firework... and I was afriad... but I did it. And of course... they got a photo of me running away from the lit firework in horror. Ha ha ha ha...

But that time, it was pretty late, and Matt and I needed to head back to the city. There was no traffic, so the trip only took an hour and a half. I stayed awake longer than I thought I was going to be able to make it. But of course, when we pulled into my neighborhood, I was a sleeping girl.

Overall, a wonderful weekend has been had by all so far... and it's not even over!! :)


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