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I do my best for you I do"
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Musical baton...
Tagged by Luciana and saw that Shannon sent it her way... Looks like fun!

And awayyyyyyy we go...
Total volume of music on my computer: iTunes says 20.86 GB, 13.4 days, 4257 songs

Song playing right now: My friend Shekhar is mixing and i'm listening to his live stream through iTunes. He's awesome.

The last CD I bought: Actual purchase: "That could have gone better", by Eric (line) Hutchinson. iTunes Download: "Stand Up", by DMB

Six songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
1. "The Stone" and "Crush" -- DMB I know, this isn't a unique answer. It's amazing how two songs can make you feel so many emotions all in the span of five to ten minutes. Amazing. One of my favorite questions is if a song has ever filled you up so much that you thought you might explode. "The Stone" and "Crush" do this to me.

2. "Watershed" -- Indigo Girls This was my first "favorite" IG song. It makes me think of my dad. I got "Nomads, Indians, and Saints" when I was in 8th grade, I think. This song reminds me a lot of the Robert Frost poem, "The Road Less Traveled". My dad loves that poem... he has always been one to do things that make sense to him, but not necessarily the things that everyone else does. He's always coached me to stay true to myself... and I love him for that. 'I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference"

3. "Sweet Baby James" -- James Taylor I love to sing this song at the top of my lungs while driving on the stretch between Houston and Austin, when you've made the turn from I-10 to 71. I'm a horrible singer, but when I'm by myself, it doesn't matter. I love most of James Taylor's "hits", but if I had to pick one, this is my fave.

4. "Ripple" and "Truckin'"-- Grateful Dead I've got very distinct memories of listening to all of the songs on American Beauty... watching the world go by from the back seat of my dad's car. Alex would be in the front... and all of us would be singing out hearts out. I liked "Truckin'", 'cause they said Houston in it.. and that's where I lived. Yeah! They said Houston. Jerry Garcia must be cool!! (I was six...). And "Ripple"... well, I have to blame that one on Col. MarkMike Paskin and his Kind Rainbow Brother Band. That was the first song that the band sang... and, well, brother... it took me somewhere, brother.

5. "No One Is To Blame" -- Howard Jones Alyssa and I have a car dance to this one... We know every word. I can't hear this song and NOT think of her. And I can't think about her without thinking about how much I love her, and value our friendship. She is totally nuts, but we balance each other out... and that is what makes for an interesting, loving, amazing friendship.

6. "Always Be My Baby" -- Mariah Carey Ok... I know... I was only supposed to say five, but I couldn't help it! This one has meaning to two separate groups of friends. Ashleigh, Alyssa, and I all admitted to secretly enjoying it one drunken Friday night in Ashleigh's hot tub. AND THEN... one night senior year of college, Liz and I were in the car going somewhere when we heard it. She looked over and said that it was HER secret-"i-like-this-song"-song, with her friend Lou! SO... by default, it became Liz and my secret-"i-like-this-song"-song, too. Makes me laugh EVERY TIME I hear it. (Note: Liz and I have also had lengthy discussions about whether "All I want for Christmas is You" is on that level... but we can't come to a conclusion.) And yes, we are nerds.

There are so many more... and I'm sure that I'll think of more... but I have GOT to go to bed... This was fun, though.

Thanks for the tag, Luciana. I think that everyone who reads my blog, and has a blog, has been tagged thus far...

Either way, I appreciate that I was motivated to write about something OTHER THAN work! Yippie! I thank you, and the few people who read my blog thank you!


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