Shake your tambourine
"You blow my head open. Of one thing I'm sure...
I do my best for you I do"
Friday, May 27, 2005

It's not late... no... no... it's early
Um... yeah. I'm at my aunt's house. It's 10:45. My aunt is in bed. My mom and dad are in bed... and I'm sitting around twiddling my thumbs. Thank GOD my dad brought his computer with him, or shoot...
Thankfully, my aunt has cable and we were able to get the end of the Yankees game. WOO HOO! I love sell-out crowds at baseball games. I love how people rally around their team, no matter what team they love. I love the "experience" that is baseball.

And for this reason, I am SO excited for the game on Sunday!

(I've got my little cousin's birthday party on Monday... oy...)

And for as much as I was complaining about having nothing to do right now, I think that I might actually go to bed, too. I'm kinda pooped after a long and draining week.

Today was a good day at work, by the way. It was "clean up" day, so I balanced the little actual work I had to do with cleaning up our floor. (It was a mess!) We are all moving cubicles next week, which is fun. ;) I'm looking forward to sitting next to Beth, one of my best friends on my team. So I cleaned out my four assigned empty cubicles, sent the two deliverables that I needed to get out, and I left. I feel like people kinda resented me for leaving, but you know what... Effit. I was out of there! I sent a note to the head of our group today, telling her that i was thankful for the opportunity to talk with her about what's going on with me... and that I'll take her lead with respect to reaching out to other members of the IB for potential opportunities... she said she would help me... and that is good.


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