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Monday, May 09, 2005

Oy (9:45 pm, Up on an Airplane)
I'm sitting on the plane right now and I'm bored. I mean, whatever, it's almost time to land, but I've been increasingly restless this whole trip.

I guess I should start at the beginning...

  • I had a 7:30 am meeting this morning, for which the crazy was 15 minutes late. Yes, my friends, that's fifteen extra minutes of sleep that I missed out on because of her. This is nothing new... but because it was 7:30, I was a little more pissy about it than usual
  • I left work early (2:45 pm), even though I said that was gonna be out the door! by 2:00. It was fine... but I still stressed about it. (And even though that's much earlier than I usually leave, I still put in 7.5 hours at the office... so it's not THAT big of a deal).
  • Got home and ran around like a crazy woman to get things taken care of before I left. I kept feeling like there was something I was forgetting, but checked and re-checked everything ten times, and had to go. So I gathered my bags and headed out the door after giving the kitties some extra petting (though, admittedly, not enough).
  • As I trudged down the stairs, I stopped on one of the landings and tripped and almost plunged to my death down the last flight. It was really, really scary... I was kinda shaken up and had to take a few seconds to calm myself.
  • Made it to the airport and checked in with minimal stress... On the phone with Luci, I realize that I forgot my Key-Card that enables me to log into my work computer while traveling. UGH! Think, you dummie... THINK! The lyric ~I get by with a little help from my friends~ does not even begin to describe how thankful I am for my friends! I quickly called Yvonne to see if she could go over to Aimee's and pick up my spare set of keys... then go over to my place to get my key-card and fedex it to me. THANKFULLY, she was still at the office... and THANKFULLY Aimee was home... and THANKFULLY both of them were able to help out. Now, the test will be if Yvonne's able to find it in my apartment. lol... I was pretty specific with my description as to where it is... so we'll see. All I have to say is that I owe both of them... big time. I told Yvonne that I'm gonna take her to Applewood for dinner to say Thank You! (This is also a "present" for me, 'cause I've never been there and really want to go... Who better to hit a new restaurant with than a self-proclaimed food snob, like Yvonne).
    Don't worry my friends, the stress does not end here...
  • When I fly alone, I usually ask the desk agent if I can board early to get myself situated... it kinda calms me down, and usually they're really nice about it. So I'm getting on the plane, and this customer (I repeat, CUSTOMER, NOT flight-personnell), says to me, 'Excuse me, Miss, you're not First Class... You're not allowed to board now...' I look at him, as the Desk Agent waves me to the front of the line, and have no idea what to say... He's smiling this condescending smile at me, and I'm like... whatever dude... and I boarded.
  • Nobody's in my row... YES! I get myself situated, reset my "On The Go" playlist on my ipod and set it to shuffle, and and take a snooze....
  • But because I still feel like there are so many open-items at work, I could not really relax... So I got up and did some work. I feel a little more comfortable with not working now, 'cause I got as far as I could w/o being able to access my e-mail. So that's good.

Shoosh... I can't wait to see my mom and dad and grandma... My dad is picking me up from the airport, which will give us some time to chill out and catch up. I mean, I did just see him last week, but still, I love QT with my papa. I'm exhausted. I hope my luggage makes it to Houston... Good God, I pray that it does.

Today, someone at work asked me how I am gonna keep myself busy with Matt gone again... This trip home helps. And when I get back to NYC, I've got a ton of stuff going on... U2 that Tuesday night... Eric (line) Hutchinson on Wednesday night... probably passing out due to exhaustion on Thursday night... Sarah Mclachlan the next week...

And now, I cannot help but be reminded of the famous quote from Ferris...
~Life moves pretty fast... If you don't stop and look around every once in a while, you just might miss it.~

I think I need to stop and take a look around.


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