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Sunday, April 03, 2005

What a weekend!
I was so tired on Friday night. I didn't want to get out of bed on Saturday morning. It was raining, and they were saying on the radio that all travel would be really dangerous. But I got out of bed, showered, picked up Luci, and headed to the airport.

Islip is SUCH a convenient airport!

The flight was a little bumpy, but Luci and I made it to BWI and met up with Marjorie and Brenda. We made it to Charlottesville at about 5 and met up with "the local crew". It was so great to meet new friends, relax, and hang out. All of this... AND we had a show to go to! Of course, we had drinks at Miller's... we drove by where Trax used to be... we saw the Pink Warehouse. We saw "the sights"! ;)

Star Hill is an awesome venue. Brenda navigated us to a great spot to watch the show. We had a great view of the stage, and the drinks kept coming! Each of us had a pretty good buzz going (some stronger than others). ;) The opener, Eric Hutchinson, totally surprised and impressed us. He's gonna be in NYC in May, and Luci and I are gonna try to hit the show. He was really cute and very personable... and he had good merch. I got a t-shirt that says Eric Hutchinson is Pretty Good. So cute!

And Carbon Leaf?! Amazing. They played so well... great songs... awesome energy... great crowd. We made SO MANY concert calls. Tee hee hee... Afterwards, we got to chat with Barry for a little bit. He was quite talkative, which I think is awesome. The show ended an we walked back to the hotel. It's a good thing I also bought my I'm a lifeguard at Jones Beach sweatshirt, 'cause I was freezing on the way back.

We were all drunk and tired, so we hit the sack when we got back to the hotel... and after a slow start this morning, we met the local gang for brunch. And as quickly as the trip began, it was over... A good time was had by all.


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