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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Nuts and Bolts...
Nuts and Bolts...

I got screwed!

How much longer do I have to prove myself? I hate proving myself. Hate it!
The problem is that I HAVE proven myself... and I KEEP proving myself... just with different managers. I appreciate that my manager sees my potential... and I appreciate that she wants to give me more work. And I feel like my increases will be better when the firm does better... but still...

I guess that I should be counting my lucky stars that I'm not in my old job... 'cause I probably wouldn't have received any bonus and a super-shitty increase. So there is something to be thankful for. And I am thankful. I really am. I'm just a little disappointed, really, 'cause I thought that my increase would be more. But I did receive a percentage increase over the inflation rate (barely), and above the published "budget". And my bonus was more this year than it was last year. All of these things I am thankful for. But I still make less than the girl on my team 18 months out of college. (I guess that it kinda sucks to know how much incoming peeps make...whatever). And that blows. It makes me feel like my 4 1/2 years of experience with the firm doesn't mean anything.

Oh well... not much I can do about it. So whatever...

Actually... there is. I have got to suck it up and keep going. 'Cause if I don't adjust my attitude there ain't no way that I'm gonna be able to do my job well.

Alright, kid... suck it up...
bahamas... bahamas... bahamas... bahamas... bahamas...

I just need to get the disappointment out of my system... and when I receive my paycheck on 2/15, I'll be able to realize how much more I'll get every two weeks... and then I'll laugh at how much life sucks sometimes.

But hey, you know what they say... sometimes you get the elevator... sometimes you get the shaft. I feel like I've gotten the shaft with this firm more than I've actually caught the elevator.


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