Shake your tambourine
"You blow my head open. Of one thing I'm sure...
I do my best for you I do"
Sunday, December 05, 2004

The story is... that there is no story...
MAN, that was an expensive mistake. I knew that the spot was questionable. I took a risk, and this time, I lost out. Damn. I really had my heart set on buying myself a present from Tiffany & Co... but I don't deserve it. I can't buy it in good conscience... I just had to spend way too much money 'cause I didn't want to drive around anymore looking for a parking spot late at night. (Note: It would have been much less expensive for me to just LEAVE my car where it was and get the $45 ticket... but ah... How would I have known?!)

So yeah... I've been hanging out tonight relaxing, knitting, and enjoying being by myself. The weekend with the girls was great, but I'm tired.

I haven't done "New York at Christmas" since I've lived here. It's totally different when you live here. Doing it with out-of-town friends forced me to have more patience than I usually would. But it was fun. We even went to the Hard Rock Cafe so Kelly could buy some merchandise for her husband and mom. We did Rockefeller Center. We did Sarde's. We did the Radio City Christmas Show. We did cheesy NYC Souvineer shops. We did Tiffany & Co (I tried on a piece of jewelry that cost as much as a house... amazing). We did Madison Avenue. We did Central Park (brrr). We did SoHo. We did Lil'Frankies. We did Lucky Chang's. And that was just as of last night. Today we got up and went to Macy's, then to Jimmy's for lunch, then to Canal Street... Uh huh... Like I said, I'm a tired girl.

But this year, despite all of the hours that I am working, and despite all of the craziness... I feel more of the Christmas spirit this year than I have in a few years. This makes me happy.

~It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~


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