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Friday, December 10, 2004

Drinkin' on a School Night...
Last night was really great. I love making new friends! Tim turned 30 today, and he invited me to celebrate with some of his friends at a bar near where we used to work. Started out as three of us, and then our party grew to six. All of the people there were friends of Tim from Georgetown. Good guys... good fun... too many beers. ;)

I wasn't drunk, but I didn't need to be parallel parking my car last night. So I got up super early to move my car before going to work this morning. I drove around for a half-hour before giving up and parking it in the garage for the day. I just couldn't deal. I was gonna get it out this evening after work, but I didn't leave until late. It was a long and emotional day.

One of my analysts got a job offer today. That's great news, right? He accepted, but wanted to keep interviewing for something "better". Yeah, no-can-do, buddy. And who had to deliver that message? Uh huh... me. And I found out that another one of my analysts will be placed in a temporary assignment. WOO! She's been working so hard, and persevering... and I'm so glad that things are working out for her. And the third analyst, who I'm most worried about, will take over the temp. assignment (I hope) for the one who just got a perm. job. Good news, right? Wrong... All of this craziness took up the majority of my day, and I wasn't able to get the other stuff done that I wanted to.

So I worked late... I was gonna wrap gifts this evening, but I am just too tired.
And now I am chillin' on the couch... and will probably be sleeping in t-minus five minutes.


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